can i confide? i like the smell of blood. oohoo.
"Are you loony?
To borrow a phrase from Forrest Gump, loony is as loony does. You know how true that is — in fact, you've embraced it. Because while you certainly have your moments of insanity, you know when to say when. Sure, you get a kick out of occasionally doing and saying things other people think are goofy or off-the-wall — you're a real sucker for being the center of attention now and again — but there are plenty of times when you'd just as soon be calmer and more serious. The same goes for expressing your emotions. No stranger to strong feelings, you choose your battles and control your highs and lows, saving your emotional outbursts for when you need them most. After all, fun and craziness are all well and good, in the right time and place, but balancing your "up" and "down" times earns you more respect in the long run. Not nearly as nutty as a fruitcake — but maybe giving Pralines 'n' Cream a run for its money — you're the perfect mix of impulse and restraint."

it's all ok. *wink - grin*
"she don't cry, she only smiles. keep on smiling, you'll get pardoned"
ooh. eeii. meep. mwah. i'm just delectable. thanks for asking.
i don't really care anymore. i'm oh so light. flitting past the stars. but i'm bad. and i'm doing wrong things. don't care.
turn back & there's hell. here is a better kind of nothing.

eeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. i'm.oh.so.bad.
"i see here standing in that line. and it's not quite the perfect crime coz she's got, got a flawless face, you know."
i want purple hair. mum knows i'll do it even though she doesn't want me to.
*sigh* i'm sorry, mummy. so sorry.
slowly twisting inside out, sitting on the corner of nowhere road.


"this is dangerous, open up your head, feel the shell shock
this is dangerous, i walk mindfields, watch your head rock"

no-one's updating journals. fuck.
and another 'fuck' for today. we've used 48 hours and we have another 52 to use until the 26th. we are FUCKed.
&shit. *sigh*
my ear is ITCHY. fuck
getting high on the lengthening of time.
OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck. ow. ow. ow.
i'm in pain, i'm in PAIN
everything's bad. OK? BAD*sigh* how unusual. *sarcasm, sarcasm*

"Well she wants to take it by
and she tries
tries and tries so hard
I see her with her new shoes and make-up on
she'll have to make it up, make it up, make it up
She'll make it up X 2

Now I see her standing in that line,
and it's not quite the perfect crime
cos she's got a flawless face you know
but there's that
empty space the empty space empty space
you'll go between her ears
between her ears
but she still hears

yeahhhhhh ohh

And she doesn't know a thing
and she'll steal
that pretty ring, pretty ring, pretty ring
from off your hand
from off your hand
and she'll stand in line
she'll waste her time
she's willing to for you. "
KILLING HEIDI 'superstar'

everything's so technicolour. i feel monochrome


tada. we have liftoff & a crappy layout. but lift off all the same.
and there's no software here for me today. boohoo.
and sob.
annie's site has appeared...i missed it.